Pleasant Experience at the RTO


I wanted to write my thoughts on a book I recently read as my second post. But, the book gave me such high that I felt a quick write-up wouldn’t be fair enough. So, I choose to write about my pleasant experience at the Anna Nagar RTO last week.

My car loan EMIs ended couple of months ago. The bank promptly sent me the documents that are required to remove the hypothecation from the RC. I had been to the Anna Nagar RTO twice to get my driving license through a driving school. I had never gone their alone and I was always wary of the middlemen.

I found some useful information on the Team-BHP and TN Govt websites regarding hypothecation removal. On the Team-BHP site, many people had shared their bad experiences at various RTOs and how they ended-up going through driving schools or middlemen. However, there were few who had done it alone.

I wanted to try my luck at the RTO without the middlemen. So I went with my wife to Anna Nagar RTO, where my car was registered. The front-desk person guided me to the payment counter. The person at the counter asked me if data entry is done. I was surprised by the unexpected question and replied in the negative. He gave the papers back to me and asked me to get the data entry done. I looked around and found the data-entry counter, but there was no one to attend. On enquiring about data-entry I was told to go the first floor and get it done.

On the first floor, there were too many rooms and I was confused where to go. There were some people standing near a counter and I went there to enquire. The person at the counter asked for my car’s RC and insurance papers. He made the data-entry and gave the papers back. I rushed back to the payment counter, but another person was sitting there. He asked me to tie all the papers together. So I stapled all the papers together and went to the counter again. He checked the papers and asked me to pay INR 125. After getting the receipt and asked him whom should I meet now. Without looking at me he told to submit the papers at the postal counter on the first floor.

I noticed some people pasting one copy of the receipt to their documents. Since I had a stapler, I stapled the receipt to the documents and went to the postal counter. The officer looked at my papers, pulled the receipt out and asked me to paste it at the left corner of the first document. I got annoyed. But, I pasted the receipt as instructed and gave my papers again to him. I had to thank my wife for remembering to carry the gum paste. After checking my papers, he asked for the other copy of the receipt. On the back of the receipt, he wrote four days, a counter number, and 4pm. Giving the receipt back, he asked me to come back after four days. I came out of the RTO in 20 minutes feeling relieved that one part of the job is over.

After four days, I went to the RTO in the evening wondering if my application is accepted or rejected. I went to the counter that was mentioned in the receipt. The officer got the receipt and asked me if I am the vehicle owner. He passed on the receipt to his assistant who promptly gave me the RC and asked me to check if the information is correct. After checking the RC, I thanked the officer and walked out of the RTO smiling!

The following papers are required for RC hypothecation removal:

  • Loan Closure Letter from financier (original)
  • NOC from financier (original). The NOC will be valid for certain months only. You have to get a new one if that is expired.
  • Form 35 from financier (original, 2 copies)
  • Vehicle Insurance (copy)
  • RC (original)
  • Emission certificate (copy)
  • Intimation letter for address change of financier, if changed

The above papers are needed in Tamil Nadu RTOs. The guidelines and documents might vary in other Indian states.

While googling for information I learned about the Automobile Association of India (AAI). AAI undertakes RTO work for its paid members.

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