Nostalgic Samosa


I lived in North Madras when I was a kid. My late grandpa used to visit us whenever he came to the city. In those years the inter-city bus terminus was opposite to Madras High Court in North Madras. During his visits, he used to buy some snacks at a particular shop on the NSC Bose Road before coming to our house. A regular item in those snacks is a packet of few big samosas. I liked those samosas so much that I always used to look forward to eating it whenever I came to know that grandpa is to visit us. On one visit my grandpa took me to that snack shop. My mouthwatering started immediately on seeing those samosas.

My family moved to West Madras when I got into middle school. As my grandpa grew older his visits to the city became occasional and the inter-city bus terminus moved to a different location. He couldn’t visit that snack shop because it was too far for him. It must have been more than 15 years since I had that samosa from that snack shop, but its taste remained in my mind all these years.

Today I visited North Madras with my wife. We did some shopping at Burma Bazaar, Godown Street, and NSC Bose Road. I wanted to taste the samosa from that snack shop that my grandpa used to buy. So I went in the shop and ordered it. Just few bites of this samosa left me feeling nostalgic. The taste has not changed in all these years.

I love these samosas for two reasons:

  • Vegetables in the fill-in such as, potato and green peas are well mashed.
  • Taste of the fill-in is unique. It is delicious and a bit spicy. No other samosa I have had in my life till now has this same taste.

The snack shop’s name is Ramakrishna and it is on the NSC Bose Road, opposite to High Court.

Ramakrishna shop on NSC Bose Road

Ramakrishna shop on NSC Bose Road


Nostalgic Samosas

Nostalgic Samosas


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