I Love My Pocket


I spend a lot of time reading news, articles, blogs, recipes, and much more on the Internet. Very often I end up bookmarking the web links for reading later. In this way, I have collected thousands of links neatly categorized in the browser favorites.

The problem is I need Internet to view those bookmarked links later. Sometimes, few links are broken and I get to view the ‘Page Not Found’ error. Additionally, most of those web pages contain advertisements, promotions, tag clouds, and others that make reading online such an eyesore. I have tried saving those web pages as HTML files on my desktop, but I don’t think that’s a good idea.

I had these same issues when I started using a Smartphone. It was painful to read zooming in and out on most websites. That’s when the Pocket app came to my rescue.

The Pocket app lets you save interesting content that you come across on the web, not just on your phone, but across various devices. Each link you save on the Pocket app, is neatly arranged with the recently add link at the top.

Content list in Pocket app

Content list in Pocket app

Click on each content item to read it. The Pocket app displays the content in a way that is easy on your eyes with no advertisements or promotions that were originally on the web page. It lets you add tags to the content you save, mark content as favorite or share that content to your social media profiles.

Content view in Pocket app

Content view in Pocket app

While there might be many ways to add content to your Pocket app, the following steps work for me:

  1. Open the Pocket app.
  2. Copy the web address (URL) of the content from the browser.
  3. Open the running Pocket app.
  4. Pocket app will prompt you to save the link. Just click Add to save the content to your Pocket app.
  5. Tag your content with related keywords for easy searching later.

Additionally, I found the Pocket app’s help information both online and offline quite useful.

Help information in Pocket app

Help information in Pocket app

I love my pocket app because it makes offline reading such a pleasure on the eyes. And yes, I don’t need Internet to read what’s on the Internet! 🙂

Update – 19 Jan 2015

I have found an easier way to save articles to the Pocket app. When you are viewing the article in the browser app, click the browser option (dotted menu) and click Share.

Saving article from browser to Pocket app

Saving article from browser to Pocket app

Click Add to Pocket.

Adding article to Pocket

Adding article to Pocket

The article will be saved in the Pocket app.

Article is saved to Pocket app

Article is saved to Pocket app


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