Transcending through Artificial Intelligence


I watched the movie, ‘Transcendence‘ today in theater. The movie has a interesting plot of a high-profile Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher creating a machine that provides unimaginable possibilities. Johnny Depp plays the researcher who creates the AI machine. The machine uses all the intelligence in this world and responds with human emotions. The movie really takes off only after the researcher is killed and his machine form takes over from there.

In one scene where the researcher interacts with a AI machine called ‘PINN’, I was reminded of the MS-DOS command-line chat-bot, ‘Eliza’ that I used once during my college days. The chat-bot responds to your questions that you type at the command prompt.

Go watch the movie if you like science fiction.

On an another note, Stephen Hawking shares his thoughts on the movie and AI here.



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