For the foodie in you…


There are people who take pride in calling themselves as ‘foodie’. Of course, I am one of them. But, of late I have had a change of opinion. I have come to believe that there is a foodie in each one of us. Every person has their own favorite dishes, restaurants, recipes, cooking methods etc. In that sense, everyone has got a ‘food lover’ in them.

Do you feel bored at eating out at the same places or you don’t know which restaurants are popular in your locality? Have you moved to a new city and wondered where to eat or which cuisines are popular there? Or do you want to know how good the new restaurant in your area is?

You can get answers for all these questions and much more in the Zomato mobile app. It is the most popular restaurant search app that is developed by an Indian company. I installed this app on my smartphone when I was in Austria recently. Unfortunately, the app did not have information about restaurants in that country. Zomato was in the news very often in the past 3-4 months as it was on an acquisition spree across the world. It currently has restaurant information in 19 countries. After I returned to Chennai, I have started using this app regularly. The app is visually very appealing, easy to use, and provides plenty of information for a foodie. When you open the app, it automatically identifies your city and displays a variety of the restaurant categories.

Restaurant Categories in Zomato app

Restaurant categories in Zomato app

You can also search for restaurants in your city or other cities. It provides a easy way to locate restaurants nearby your current location. When you choose a category and click on a restaurant, it displays the address, location map, menu, cuisines, open/close hours, average cost for two, and much more. Additionally, it enables you to call the restaurant for reservation or enquiry, bookmark or rate the restaurant, or indicate that you have been there already.

A restaurant info in Zomato appA restaurant info in Zomato app

A restaurant info in Zomato app

But the most influential feature in Zomato is the facility to engage with the foodie community. It not only allows you to write reviews, but follow and communicate with other foodies quickly.

Community engagement in Zomato app

Community engagement in Zomato app

So what are you waiting for? Endow the Zomato app to the foodie in you! 🙂 Disclaimer: I am not paid by Zomato or the restaurant (in the screenshot) for writing this post.


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