My Oscar Binge


It’s that time of the year when the much awaited Hollywood Academy Awards are going to be announced. I somehow managed to view five of the movies that are nominated in different award categories this time. Just thought of sharing my views on those movies.

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Get lost in the jungle


As a kid who grew up watching Doordarshan TV during my school days, I have fond memories of my favorite shows. Though my Hindi is bad, I can still recite the song, “Jungle Jungle baat chali hai….”, the popular title track of Jungle Book cartoon series.

So, when the new movie adaptation by Disney, The Jungle Book, got released last week, I was all the more excited to watch it.

The movie is awesome. The CGI makes the jungle come alive. With great voiceovers for the animals, it is a delight to watch the characters of Sher Khan, Bagheera, and Baloo. Neel Sethi as Mowgli is cute, but looks more rehearsed.

Rudyard Kipling’s wonderful story of a kid lost in the Indian jungles has come out well in this movie. Go watch it and get lost in the jungle visually.


Stamp of Zoological Survey of India

Transcending through Artificial Intelligence


I watched the movie, ‘Transcendence‘ today in theater. The movie has a interesting plot of a high-profile Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher creating a machine that provides unimaginable possibilities. Johnny Depp plays the researcher who creates the AI machine. The machine uses all the intelligence in this world and responds with human emotions. The movie really takes off only after the researcher is killed and his machine form takes over from there.

In one scene where the researcher interacts with a AI machine called ‘PINN’, I was reminded of the MS-DOS command-line chat-bot, ‘Eliza’ that I used once during my college days. The chat-bot responds to your questions that you type at the command prompt.

Go watch the movie if you like science fiction.

On an another note, Stephen Hawking shares his thoughts on the movie and AI here.